Chemical Dependency Program In Georgetown, TX

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According to studies between 2007-2013. the overall cost of the abuse of alcohol, illicit drugs, and opioids is an astounding $740 billion. While this is an incredible number, it is only dollars and cents. The true cost of chemical dependency and substance abuse is measured by the lives it affects or takes. At Georgetown Behavioral Health Institute (GBHI), we want to lower that cost of human life.

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Chemical Dependency Defined

Chemical dependency is a “physical or psychological dependency upon a particular substance.” A person can be engaging in substance abuse activities, but not yet have a chemical dependency issue.

A psychological dependence on drugs or alcohol can be quite damaging, but if you have a physical chemical dependency, you need the assistance of a medical professional to help you medically break that cycle in a safe and healthy manner.

Chemical Dependency Treatment at GBHI

At Georgetown Behavioral, we take a physician-led team approach to the treatment of chemical dependency and substance abuse. As needed, the team may include an Addictionologist, a physician who has specialized training in dependency treatment and recovery. GBHI also has Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors on staff.

Our chemical dependency treatment will combine a free level of care assessment and intake and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with a Medical Model to develop a thorough treatment for body, mind, and spirit. We consider Adult Inpatient, Partial Hospitalization, or a combination of all of the available programs.

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If you are concerned about your own drug and alcohol use or that of a loved one, do not delay. Contact us today with questions or to set up a free care assessment. We are waiting to help, with YOU in mind.

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