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Planning for Your Hospital Stay

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It is our goal to provide you with the highest quality healthcare. In order to do so, we have established some important guidelines to prepare for your stay.

  • Please bring all prescription medications/herbal supplements with you or the contact information for your pharmacy.  
  • Please bring no more than 5 days worth of casual clothing for your inpatient stay.  We have a no-cost laundry room onsite.  
  • It is requested that you bring all clothing items in 1 suitcase.
  • Please notify hospital of sleep-related needs, such as C-PAP, oxygen, elevation of the head of the bed, egg crate or air mattress, incontinence supplies, etc., before admission.
  • Please bring guardianship/custody/foster care placement paperwork, if applicable.

Items Not Allowed in Inpatient Areas

For the safety of our patients and staff, the following items are not permitted on the inpatient areas at Georgetown Behavioral Health Institute:

  • Electronic items (cell phones, IPODS, video games)
  • Jewelry (wedding rings are allowed) 
  • Purses and wallets
  • Any glass & metal objects (including underwire bras)
  • Scarves, belts, shoe strings, and draw-strings
  • Flammable items (matches, lighters etc.)
  • Drugs & alcohol
  • Mouthwash, hairspray, nail polish remover, aerosol sprays (Basic toiletries will be provided by the facility.)
  • Stuffed animals, blankets and pillows from home, and hoodie sweatshirts
  • Clothing items with a negative/offensive message or revealing clothing 

A more detailed list is available at the reception desk or the Assessment and Referral department.  If there are any questions about the appropriate items to pack, please call the Assessment and Referral department at 512-819-1154