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About Our Mental Health Services & Mental Health Facility in Georgetown, TX

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Georgetown Behavioral Health Institute (GBHI) is a 118-bed acute care psychiatric hospital offering comprehensive mental healthcare programs and services in Georgetown for adults, teens, and seniors. In addition to offering inpatient acute care services, we provide outpatient programs that help support patients as they discharge or as an alternative to hospitalization.Our hospital provides a safe environment staffed by caring and highly educated professionals where we support a person-centered treatment program that promotes stabilization and healing.

Our staff works with each patient individually, addressing each of his or her unique needs through an integrated approach. Our multidisciplinary treatment team includes physicians, psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, adjunctive therapists, and dieticians. Patients gain skills in the areas of developing healthy boundaries, learning how to appropriately express emotions, using effective communication skills, increasing self-esteem, managing anger, and developing life skills. Georgetown Behavioral Health Institutewill serve as an essential component of a recovery-oriented system of care where individuals can learn to live successfully in recovery with a serious mental illness and where families can gain knowledge, skills and coping mechanisms to support their loved ones and themselves. Our evidence-based programs are designed to help individuals live healthy, satisfying and self-directed lives.

Our Mental Health Facility

Contact us anytime by using our phone number: (512) 819-1154. Our goal is to help you overcome any trial you might be facing. Our team of experts is available to answer any questions you have. Call us today to learn more about our mental health services in Georgetown, TX.