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Together, we do great things for those in need...


We are the “can do” team...


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Mental Health Treatment Center

To All…

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to Georgetown Behavioral Health Institute. This hospital will provide our community with a behavioral health facility that offers specialized psychiatric care. We will ensure that we give optimal care to those with an array of behavioral health care needs in a unique setting.

Our programming will employ "best practices" founded on the principles of evidence-based research and practice. The staff will focus on the holistic needs of our clients with respect and compassion. We will offer meaningful solutions that address the mental, physical, and behavioral challenges of this population.

The committment of the staff to ensure the highest standards of patient safety and clinical excellence will bring hope to our clients. We are committed to serve our clients, families and community who confront behavioral health illnesses.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. We do this "With YOU in mind".


Sheila McDermott-Lord
Chief Executive Officer